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- I only accept payments through paypal

- Commission will commence once you have accepted the terms and conditions form   and a %50 deposit has been payed.

- Before the finished commission can be delivered over the final %50 must be payed.

-Cost is an estimated Average and may vary depending on what you're after

-PLEASE NOTE, Some requests may be turned down due to complexity of job and/or timing

-When making a request please describe in detail what you want. Scribbles, example  pictures online even photos of you posing (keep it clean).



Please note I only take up to 5 commissions at a time.


Commission slots open: 2



Prices presented on the commission page is an estimated cost. Final costs will be discussed via email. Once pricing has been finalized and accepted by both parties %50 of the total cost must be payed up front before commission can commence.


During production time various updates will be sent to the client (you) to verify the project is on the right track. Please note that previews of the product will be in low res and water marked. At this stage the product is fully owned by Ricky Murray (Sound tracks will contain an audio watermark stating property of Ricky Murray)


Once the product is completed the remaining %50 must be payed. The client (you) will then be emailed the full HD copy of the product along with a licensing stating declaring you own full rights to the product. Please note that RickkMurray (Ricky Murray) does however have the right to use the product for promotional purposes only.




Please send a detailed description of what exactly you are after. I may do sketches to verify we're both on the same page (this process is free). Once both parties are happy %50 of the full payment must be payed up front before commission can commence.


When commission has commenced changes to what your after may be charge (for example you decided to make a character female instead of male as discussed prior to commission commencing)




Once RickkMurray (Ricky Murray) has declared the product is completed you will receive a low resolution watermarked copy to confirm. Once you are happy you are then required to pay the remaining %50 of the total cost. After payment has been made you will recieve the full HD copy of the product with no water marks.


If you declaire the product is not completed RickkMurray (Ricky Murray) will confirm if this statement is true (didn't shade the characters or didn't draw the background ect). If what the client (you) have stated is true the product will go back into production.


If any changes or updates are required by the client (you) after the product has been fulled payed (e.g change of text, change of character, ect) An update fee of $10 will be asked. Depending on the change the price may vary.





*by emailing me your request, you automatically agree to the above.


Please subject your email 'commission [your full name]'