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  • Winged Falls Animated Short Now In Production

    A brand new project called Winged Falls has officially moved out of pre-production and is now in production. The animated short will be showcased at the West End Film Festival.

    Due to Competition rules I can't show off to much but I can say that this short has a powerful story, strong morals and a premise a lot of people can related to in one way or another.


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  • Creating the Music For Hikarian Animations

    Recently I decided to reach out to a fellow animator known as Hikarian animations. A young animator from Denmark. I was giving the privolage to help out in her animated short Interwebs (Which I helped a way :P)


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  • Collab Poster With Hikarian Animations

    Well it was a long livestream but we finally managed to complete this awesome picture. To the right we have Hikarians characters and to the left we have my characters.